Now Playing: A Winamp Plugin

Now Playing: A Winamp Plugin 3.9

The Now Playing plugin allows you to easily publishing what you are listening to
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Brandon Fuller

Now Playing: A Winamp Plugin will announce in your preferred social networks the song you are listening through WinAmp.
This plug-in will show the title of the song that WinAmp is playing in your computer in Twitter and Facebook. This way, you will be able to share your musical preferences with your contacts and followers.

Once you install the plugin, you may open WinAmp. Then, Now Playing´s Configuration Wizard will open. It is important to follow the suggested steps exactly in sequence, otherwise the program will not work well. You will need to authorize the app to collect information from your system, and to display it both in Twitter and Facebook. You will be able to select the text you want to show before the title of a song (such as "I am listening "). You can include several codes that will allow you to include more information.

The trial version of Now Playing will display information for the first five songs played only. You will have to register the program to be able to use it beyond that.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows you to share your musical preferences through your social network


  • Not every theme is recognized
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